• KLEBSTOFF #10 released!


    Number 10 Lives! We will never stop collecting our favorite sticker artists all together in one magazine ... like this one. Since this number is somewhat like an anniversary number, we asked artists you will surely remember to contribute their latest stuff and of course some new guys you never seen before. Artists in this issue: Raquel Meyers, Sweden; Baptiste Virot, France; Nuria Figueiredo, Spain; Sebastian Schwamm, Germany; Ana Benaroya, USA; Robokid, Germany; Nick Alston, Japan; Berto Fojo, Spain; HOR, Germany; Lukas Weidinger, Austria; Boyane, South Korea and many more...

  • Brainfart Stickermag XL released!

    This time we have a graffiti special, which was created by Brainfart.ch, a swiss crew. It's a broadsheet stickerbook – 21x15 cm. Within you find 99 Sticker, 2 coloring sheets, highlights from last year and much more. The contributions are from 8 international Artists.

  • The new Klebstoff-Bundle is available!

    das neue Klebstoff Bundle

    Right in time for Christmas the first "Klebstoff Bundle" is available to order. You will get the Stickermag #7, #8 and #9 at a special price of 24,00 Euros and with a huge selection of stickers from all over Europe. Edition 8 contains stickers from participants of the Comic Festival BilBolBul in Bologna/Italy. On edition 7 we worked together with famous artists of the Spanish "FineRats-Magazine" and, although edition 9 does not have a special topic, it contains many notorious nerd styles hardly to be found anywhere else. Therefore hurry up and be the first to get over 600 stickers of artists from all over Europe and also save some money in comparison to retail sale.

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