EGGSHELLSTICKERS are stickers for extreme requirements. Usually thought of as a forgery-proof seal, this adhesive film sticks to almost all surfaces with extreme adhesive strength, which even increases with the duration of the bonding. If you try to remove these stickers, the foil breaks into small pieces like an eggshell. These stickers are suitable for all applications where a heavy or almost impossible distance is the target.
The silver-iridescent Eggshell film is a special effect film in which the sunlight is refracted in different colours depending on the flashing angle. Definitely an eye-catcher on the street.

Eggshell stickers are very temperature sensitive. When sticking the sticker it should be between 10 and 35°C warm.

Quick Overview

50 writable stickers on silver-iridescent Eggshell-foil in the format approx. 130 x 90 mm. We recommend varnish or permanent markers for writing. The reverse side of the material is not slit. The stickers are not removable.

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