The photographic series PASTER is a juxtaposition of photographs taken in 2012 in Detroit (USA) and 2014 + 2016 in Senegal. The series is a combination of image pairs, each with a color photgraph of the US city and a black and white photograph of various Senegalese places, including Kafountine, Zigundiur and Ndiguel.

PASTER takes stock of the two locations, 7000 km away from each other, through factual and largely documentary-like photographs. The visual synthesis is followed by substantive narrative fictions that play with existing ideas. The term PASTER symbolically represents the unification of the English words ‚faster‘ and ‚past‘.

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Editors: Lucie Freynhagen, Andreas Ullrich
Publisher: International Neighborhood Publishing
Release: 2018
Pages: 64 pages
Format: 30x21,5 cm
Language: English, German

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