I can has cheezburger, porn and street art?

Yes, you can! Welcome to the first lolstreetart calender ever – serving you delicious new works made by twelve of the best and most humorous street artists worldwide. Attention: explicit visuals!

Layout: Matthias Müller /
Production: Andreas Ullrich /,
Cover & Print:,

Featuring: OX, France, MR TALION, Germany, VARIOUS & GOULD, Germany, HOMER, Ukraine, TILT, France , BRONCO, Germany , MATHIEU TREMBLIN, France, ELFO, ItalyTONY WEINGARTNER, France, SPY, Spain , BORIS HOPPEK, Germany , HARMEN DE HOOP, Netherlands

Quick Overview

Curated by: Alain Bieber /
Release: October 2011
Size: 29,7 x 42 cm
Features: 14 pages, full-color, Serigraph-Cover

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