An approach to media for the masses.
The Curator and idea generator of the exhibition „mass media approach“ of the Geraer Kunstverein, Dr. Juliane Rückert, and the artists Martin Höfer and Andreas hereby present their exhibiton catalogue. The museum is a crisis. Museal communication of art in times of social media is of declining relevance. Nevertheless art strives toward always new audiences, which are not shaped by overly intellectual arthistoric or philosphic knowledge. The artpieces by Martin Höfer and Andreas Ullrich aspire the negotiation of distance to the public with the aid of art in public space. That is because in this space everyone can experience their art, not only art afficionados. This book illustrates their works.

Quick Overview

Editor: Juliane Rückert, Kunstverein Gera e.V.
Publisher: ARTE FAKT Verlagsanstalt
Release: 2018
Pages: 120 pages
Format: 30x22 cm
Language: German

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