Die PARTEI Stickermag

Times in which politics is more satire than satire itself – the last resort is only truly serious politics and serious propaganda. Since 2004, Die PARTEI has been developing turbo-politics, also in picture and text. The fact that great election posters and stickers have come out can be seen in this Agit-Prop-Stickermag - and finally support very, very good policy.

"Dear Sticker Friend, no matter if you love Die PARTEI, hate it or observe it to protect the constitution: You need this politically ultra-correct sticker-Mag. Yeahyesyes, need, need it, need it! Why? In order to glue your favorite election posters everywhere. This is sticky democracy. but beware: sticking stickers on fast-moving vehicles only from the inside and not sticking on living popes, Fuck, you just can not do that! Your party Die PARTEI"

Description rapide

Publisher: Die PARTEI
Release: 2017
Volume: 48 Pages
Size: ca. 15 x 15 cm
Language: German, Politicians-German
Specials: more than 200 peelable Stickers