When a small collective from Kyiv approached us in May 2022 with the question of whether we could print a sticker-magazine for them, Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine had already been raging for over three months. Many of the artists from Ukraine had been deprived of their workplaces and studios, their neighborhoods and places of activity, and had fled to Germany. The LOCAL STICKERBOOK #3 was already set, but a print production in Ukraine was out of the question.

So the decision was easy: we produced this sticker magazine in a special format (19 x 22 cm). It is filled with works that reflect war and destruction, flight and loneliness, longing and hope, and thus the experiences of the participating artists in the environment of the Ukraine war.

The team behind the LOCAL STICKERBOOK is also providing financial aid to the artists and their families. The revenues from the sale of the booklets will be used for this purpose. So with every purchase you also support the work and survival of the Ukrainian art scene and its members. Thank you!

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Editors: Yan Tashtoush, Alexandra Sakara, Katia Samogon, Stasiya Lutova
Publisher: Localstickerbook
Publication date: 2022
Size: 42 pages
Format: about 19 x 22 cm
Language: English
Specials: over 120 removable stickers

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32,00 €