Klebstoff 8 transparent edition

This No. 8 of the Klebstoff Stickermag series is a comic/illustration special which focusses on one of Europes most dedicated Comic Festivals in Bologna/Italy. This is why its our first bilingual issue with english and italien subtitels. BilBOlbul festival is dedicated to comics and graphic novel. Organized in Bologna, a city traditionally tied up to this language, the festival takes place in museums, art galleries, clubs, libraries and book shops. Committed since its fi rst edition in linking comics with all the languages of contemporary culture, in 2014 BilBOlbul changes importantly and concentrates even more on the strong variations happening in the publishing world, and on new ways of producing comics.This year the BilBOlbul festival & KLEBSTOFF Stickermag propose a catalogue+stickers album. This is a limited special edition on transparent material for use on bright surfaces.

UPDATE: We found a box of KLEBSTOFF 8 - so the magazine is back in stock. Get it while you can!

Quick Overview

International Neighborhood Verlag
Release: December, 2014
Number of pages: 48
Material: transparent pvc foil, stickers to be used on bright surfaces
Size: ca. 15 x 15 cm
Language: English/Italian
Specials: more than 200 stickers