Klebstoff 3

Again it took us some month to raise a lot of fine designs of our most favourite international artists and a bit of money and dental gold too to make our little sticker magic happen. The making of this issue was even more tricky because we decided to go for an alchemical gold edition (since it’s the all-dominant third spectacle now) and so we had to wait for some natural dissolutions in order to mine the resources for this special effect. Let this edition guide you to another sphere of ludic consumerism and experience its magic power by fulfilling the spell of consumption by buying it for you and your friends and their pals.

Artists featured:

Matthias Müller, Peekasso, Erosie, Knudzich, Hobby176, Mr. Talion, AGHN, Ernst Markus Stein & Lucy F., Jorge Chamorro, Gregor Körting, Katz & Goldt, Christophe Lambert, Fuzz!Gun, Scores out of ten by Joseph Ernst, Mape, Resto, Paul Barsch, Harthorst, Kevin Carpio, Mr. Kern, Tilman Hornig

Coverartwork by Joseph Ernst

Klebstoff #3 logo by Form76

Quick Overview

Publisher: wildsmile studios
Release: 2011
Number of pages: 44
Size: 15 x 15 cm
Language: english
Specials: limited to 1000 handnumbered issues