Klebstoff 13

The cursed edition - Klebstoff No° 13 - is done, finally. Deadlines were exceeded, supply chains were cut off, first too few, then too many contributions were submitted. Then the screen printing squeegee got stuck, and in the end the prices for literally everything skyrocketed. All the better that we were finally able to press this small, eclectic sticker mag into the light of day.

Started as the "Psychelic Issue", morphed through various creative dimensions, arrived as a classically wacky KLEBSTOFF issue. Many locals and international artists - from Uganda to the Philippines.

SUPER SPECIAL: The cover pages and the inside double page are made on special glitter/paper foil in multicolored SCREEN PRINTING. Glitters, shines, sticks!

On board this time:

Kid Gringo (Uganda), Drake Rubicon (East-Germany), Bananakruger (Israel), Carlo Vivary (East-Germany), Stefan Mosebach (Germany), Hex Aunzo (Philippines), Jan Dahl (East-Germany), jj wilson ( NL), Michael Hacker (Austria), Netti Kuhl (East Germany), Lars Spast (East Germany), Tal Riftin (Israel), Mias ZK (East Germany), Pro Heroes (Greece), Mario Hounkanrin (NL) , Martin in't Veld (NL), Superfreunde (East-Germany), rabbit dog (Berlin/China), DXTR + HRVB (Berlin), Susi Possnitz (Austria/Slovakia), Geleeregen (Germany), Simon Brühlmann (Switzerland)

Quick Overview

Publisher: International Neighborhood

Release: 2022
Extent: 48 pages
Format: approx. 15 x 15 cm
Language: English
Specials: over 200 detachable stickers

ISBN: 978-3-944960-26-5

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