As a resident of the Goethe Institute, the Rotterdam photographer Otto Snoek spent a few months in the beautiful Elbe Valley as part of the artist exchange organized by the City of Dresden's cultural office and during this time he accompanied and depicted Dresden's citizens in their public demonstration rites. In the process, a highly impressive topology of bodies and faces in public space has emerged, which examines the essence of the type of human being encountered here in an almost pornographic way and provides rare insights into the essence of the angry citizen.

The photo book DRESDEN IN FARBE appears as an artist edition in a limited edition of 100 copies. The book was designed as a real photo book, so it contains chemical real photo prints on high-quality Fuji-Crystal archival photo paper, which excellently emphasizes the quality of the medium-format photographs, which were produced exclusively with Fuji GW690. A colored delight that reflects the entire spectrum of magenta-red skin tones of excitement. DRESDEN IN COLOR.

Quick Overview

Photographer: Otto Snoek
Publisher: International Neighborhood Verlag
Publication: 2020
Volume: 14 pages
Format: 30 x 63 cm
Language: English, German, Dutch

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