Brainfart Stickermag XL - Vol. 3

„This mag is for all Floppy-Disk-blower and Upon-CD-breather. For all Princess-Daisy-rescuer. For all Track and Field-button-smasher, for the most wicked Street-Fighter-combo-acrobats and for all Mortal-Kombat-Fatality-finisher, for all up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-lovers, for all Diskette-collectors and SVGA-enthusiasts.“

And here comes the next round of Stickermags by the infamous Brainfart-Crew. Again with 48 pages in XL-format and again with Molotow as partner aboard.


Quick Overview

Publisher: Brainfart, CH
Release: 2018
48 pages
111 sticker
ca. 21 x 15 cm
Special: Broadformat Stickermag