Stickermag-Bundle KLEBSTOFF #10 + EGGPLANT + STICKER MAG by Gabbana & Lyde

One bundle – three magazines!
We put a package together, containing two issues by some fabulous external artists, plus our very own KLEBSTOFF Stickermag #10.

Three issues of the finest STICKERMAGs:

The Eggplant Collective Stickermag – a load of stickers, everything about the vegetable, which looks like a smiley. Collaboration of Pictoplasma Academy Alumni
STICKER MAG by Dennis Gabbana & Ly da Buddah – illustrated by the D‘n‘B-afficionados from Braunschweig and trippy illu-dudes Dennis and Lyde
KLEBSTOFF #10 – the anniversary issue, with new and known faces, from older issues of KLEBSTOFF Magazine

A hell of a mixed bag for a nicely reduced price.

Description rapide

Publisher: International Neighborhood Publ.
Release: April 2019
Number of pages per Mag: 48 p.
Format: ca. 15 x 15 cm
Language: English
Specials: more than 500 stickers