Brainfart Stickermag XL - Vol. 4

„This Stickermag is dedicated to all shower-Singstars, all the music-nerds and vinyl-lovers, all playlist-fetishists and steeringwheel-singers. Because music is the soundtrack of our lives and makes everything better. Artists like Van Halen and his "Why Can't This Be Love" or Ice Cube‘s "It Was A Good Day" accompanied and supported us for countless hours. Music motivates and encourages to peak perfomances. It inspires to the greatest flatulences. In other words: Music makes us lose control!

And so we are proudly presenting the BRAINFART-Stickermag Volume 4. Again, 48 pages in extra large format and again with Molotow as sponsor.

Quick Overview

Publisher: Brainfart, CH
Release: 2020
48 pages
111 sticker
ca. 21 x 15 cm
Special: Broadformat Stickermag