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+++ 2 NEW BUNDLES - Order now! +++

It‘s on again, we‘ve prepared a NEW KLEBSTOFF BUNDLE - 3 issues of the finest KLEBSTOFF-material:

BUNDLE No. 1 - KLEBSTOFF #7, #9, #10

#7 – our collabo-issue with the folks of FineRats Magazine, Spain

#9 – nerd-culture and sticker-memes (prepare yourself for the meme-free Internet! #Art13)

#10 – anniversary edition, with new and well-known artists, who participated in older issues.


Three issues of the finest STICKERMAGs:

The Eggplant Collective Stickermag – a load of stickers, everything about the vegetable, which looks like a smiley. Collaboration of Pictoplasma Academy Alumni

STICKER MAG by Dennis Gabbana & Ly da Buddah – illustrated by the D‘n‘B-afficionados from Braunschweig and trippy illu-dudes Dennis and Lyde

KLEBSTOFF #10 – the anniversary issue, with new and known faces, from older issues of KLEBSTOFF Magazine

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The International Neighborhood Publishing proudly presents the brand new STICKER MAG, this time illustrated by two D'n'B heads from Brunswick. DENNIS GABBANA and LY DA BUDDAH not only made this ill illustrations but also created the Drum and Bass Bundesliga, an institution widely known. Get ready for this wicked trip and get your issue now! In addition to the standard edition, you can purchase also an personally signed edition. Sticker madnezzz!

By the way - where on Instagram now. Check our page here:
instagram.com/klebstoff.stickermag // @klebstoff.stickermag 

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Aversive Adhesives

After a short break, we have again implemented a super-exciting sticker project for you - a large-format photo special to our weird reality of post-modernism: In it are world-famous photographers such as Thomas Mailänder from France or Roger Ballen from South Africa, the director and Photograph of Die Antwoort ... This issue was curated by Max Siedentopf. He was born in Namibia and works as an artist in London and Amsterdam.

No matter where we look, we are surrounded by beautiful images. Yet, with this excess in beauty all around, why should we bother to remember any of it?

"Aversive Adhesives" looks into the other direction and explores the icky, the disturbing, the unsettling, or in some way 'aversive' images that repel upon sight.However, because of their repulsive nature, even when looking away these images become adhesive to you.

Aversive Adhesives shines a light on a number of individuals who approach photography in new and unusual ways, who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to create images that will stick with you.

The magazine will be presented at the Düsseldorf Photo Weekend - Düsseldorf Photo Book Salon in the Kunsthochschule Düsseldorf from 16.2.-18.2. for the first time.

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Brainfart Stickermag Vol. 2

Brainfart Vol.2

Wintertime, snowboardtime! And what sticks even better to your boards than damp snow? Right, stickerz by Brainfart. Presenting 9 international artists and 111 stickerz in the mag you can start stickin' again. We produced the 2nd Volume of the Brainfart Stickermag - as usual in XL-format. Along for the ride as partners is the infamous grafftiti institution MOLOTOW. Get the matching soundtrack of the Brainfart crew on Spotify via link in the mag. Let's skate the mountains!

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Die PARTEI Stickermag released

Times in which politics is more satire than satire itself – the last resort is only truly serious politics and serious propaganda. Since 2004, Die PARTEI has been developing turbo-politics, also in picture and text. The fact that great election posters and stickers have come out can be seen in this Agit-Prop-Stickermag - and finally support very, very good policy.

"Dear Sticker Friend, no matter if you love Die PARTEI, hate it or observe it to protect the constitution: You need this politically ultra-correct sticker-Mag. Yeahyesyes, need, need it, need it! Why? In order to glue your favorite election posters everywhere. This is sticky democracy. but beware: sticking stickers on fast-moving vehicles only from the inside and not sticking on living popes, Fuck, you just can not do that! Your party Die PARTEI"

Get your Mag here!

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