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For Stickermag appreciators he‘s an old aquiantance: Jæn, who already was responsible for DAS GHOST, brings off another coup. He and 23 international artists participated in the new issue. This time it is about some really curious beeings: mushrooms.

"Stickers + Mycélium = Stickélium

This simple equation produced an invisible mycelium made of artists, bookmakers and art lovers (you!), which is as incredibly diverse as the mycological inspiration, these stickers being the mushrooms of this metaphorical mycelium, growing and popping to the light for your delight.“

Art Direction/Design/Konzept: Jæn

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Chrome-posters new in stock!

Dennis Gabbana and Ly Da Buddah were the first artist crew ever to get their own sticker mag, now they have added a fantastic and strictly limited poster series.
Inspired by the Simpsons, the series is printed on Magic Chrome cardboard and features a total of 13 motifs. The full colour print is archive proof and printed 5/0c incl. white print.
Each print is hand signed and limited to 30 copies.


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+++ 2 NEW BUNDLES - Order now! +++

It‘s on again, we‘ve prepared a NEW KLEBSTOFF BUNDLE - 3 issues of the finest KLEBSTOFF-material:

BUNDLE No. 1 - KLEBSTOFF #7, #9, #10

#7 – our collabo-issue with the folks of FineRats Magazine, Spain

#9 – nerd-culture and sticker-memes (prepare yourself for the meme-free Internet! #Art13)

#10 – anniversary edition, with new and well-known artists, who participated in older issues.


Three issues of the finest STICKERMAGs:

The Eggplant Collective Stickermag – a load of stickers, everything about the vegetable, which looks like a smiley. Collaboration of Pictoplasma Academy Alumni

STICKER MAG by Dennis Gabbana & Ly da Buddah – illustrated by the D‘n‘B-afficionados from Braunschweig and trippy illu-dudes Dennis and Lyde

KLEBSTOFF #10 – the anniversary issue, with new and known faces, from older issues of KLEBSTOFF Magazine

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Stickermag KLEBSTOFF #11 - Order now!


Houston, we have a release! 

The new KLEBSTOFF Stickermag is printed and has a date of birth: Release is in November 19th. The infamous Matthias "Gringo" Müller once again made the cover, inside you have international contributions from Japan to USA. Lots of skate/illu-nerds are on board and many different people which all know how to get fancy shit done. Well mixed, as we think!

Check out the new mag here and the online-preview here.

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The International Neighborhood Publishing proudly presents the brand new STICKER MAG, this time illustrated by two D'n'B heads from Brunswick. DENNIS GABBANA and LY DA BUDDAH not only made this ill illustrations but also created the Drum and Bass Bundesliga, an institution widely known. Get ready for this wicked trip and get your issue now! In addition to the standard edition, you can purchase also an personally signed edition. Sticker madnezzz!

By the way - where on Instagram now. Check our page here: // @klebstoff.stickermag 

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